Fayetteville Mustangs and Fortuna BMC Join Forces

by Demetrius Dowdy

We, the Fayetteville Mustangs, are absolutely thrilled to welcome our new investors, Fortuna Business Management Consulting (BMC), and its Founder and CEO, Jack R. Smith, to our team! 🤝

Fortuna BMC, a veteran-owned global consultancy, specializes in delivering customized and innovative solutions to tackle any business problem. We deeply admire their commitment to hiring veterans, ensuring efficient and effective services for our valued clients. At Fortuna BMC, they truly understand the importance of getting things done. 💪

This incredible partnership marks the beginning of a remarkable journey for us. Together with Fortuna BMC, we're ready to tackle new challenges, achieve remarkable milestones, and provide an even higher level of excellence to our clients and community. 🚀

We are proud to align ourselves with Fortuna BMC, an organization that shares our values and vision. Their expertise and dedication will undoubtedly contribute to our growth, success, and continued commitment to serving our fans and stakeholders with passion and excellence. 

Join us in celebrating this new chapter as we embark on a journey filled with endless possibilities! We are honored to be part of this incredible partnership, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for the Fayetteville Mustangs and Fortuna BMC. 🎊

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